By absorbing merits of similar products and using new technology, Shanghai Salei is the professional producer to develop and manufacture the family products steel structure welding line (H beam welding line, Box-beam automatic welding production line, T-beam welding production line, Bridge-face U-stiffer welding production line), waterjet cutting machine and steel structure cold roll forming machine.

Meanwhile, since 2004 Salei also started to devote research and development on water jet, now Salei waterjet is one of few special manufacturers early specialized in ultrahigh pressure cutting equipment...

Company Name: Shanghai Salei Machinery Equipment CO.,LTD
Address: 7F, NO.3, 550 Pingliang Road, Yangpu District, Shanghai, China
Post Code: 200082
Tel: +86 510-83559158
Fax: +86 510-83555592
Cell Phone: +86 13815101750

Main Products
  • H Beam Welding LineThe H beam production line consists of assembling machine, front welding machine, turn-over device...
  • H Beam Welding Line
  • T Beam Production LineThe T beam welding production line is suitable for building the ship hull structure. The complete...
  • T Beam Production Line
  • Box Beam Production LineAs the development of steel structure market, box-beam will be used more an more widely in many fields like...
  • U Beam Production LineTo meet the increasing need of large steel structure bridge project, the manufacturing of U-stiffer unit is more and...
  • U Beam Production Line
  • Roll Forming MachineThis machine is special equipment for uncoiling, leveling, cutting and stacking the steel according to ...
  • Roll Forming Machine
  • Waterjet CutterA water jet cutter, which also known as waterjet cutting machine, is a kind of equipment capable...
  • Waterjet Cutter
Products and Applications

Our company is the professional producer to develop and manufacture the H beam production line, T beam production line, box beam production line, cold roll forming machine, waterjet cutting machine, and welding equipment.

Quality and Cost Control

With the pursuit for high quality, we have been strictly abiding by the ISO9001 standards, and we turn to mass production to reduce our products' costs. Besides, a good friendship with the shipping company can ensure us a reasonable and relatively lower transportation cost.


We offer one-year warranty for all of our products, and during the warranty period, all the services are free. Besides, upon request OEM services are also available.