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CG4000/6000 Multi-head Straight Flame Cutting Machine
CG4000/6000 Multi-head Straight Flame Cutting Machine

This cutting machine is a high-efficiency oxygen and acetylene (or propane) flame cutting equipment. It can do both longitudinal multi-head straight cutting and transverse cutting. Regarding the longitudinal multi-head straight-line cutting, the cutting torch could be adjusted manually, and can be lifted unitarily, grouped and singly according to customer’s requirement. It is the necessary equipment for metal structure factory, ship building factory crane factory etc. The machine use silicon-controlled DC servo motor to adjust speed. It has a large range to change the speed and was stable and reliable.

Main Technical Parameter:

Model Number CG-4000 CG-6000
Track Space 4000mm 6000mm
Cutting Width 80-3200mm 80-5200mm
Cutting Length 13000mm 13000mm
Longitudinal Cutting Lorch 9 groups 9 groups
Traverse Cutting Lorch 1 group 1 group
Gas for Cutting Oxygen, acetylene or propane Oxygen, acetylene or propane
Total Power 0.5KW 0.5KW
GS/Z-4000 CNC Flame Cutting Machine
GS/Z-4000 CNC Flame Cutting Machine

This kind of CNC flame cutting machine, which is also called CNC flame cutter, is widely used in high precision plate thermal cutting work. It is basic equipment in ship building, machinery manufacture, engine vehicle, steel structure industries and so on.
With computer controlled precision mechanic transmission and oxygen fuel gas, the machine can be auto-programmed to cut the different kinds of complicated shape parts in high accuracy and precision and meet various requirement according to your drawing. The main further of this machine are that of high efficiency, high precision, and high security. It also can cut straight plate along the lengthwise direction depends on your needs.

Main Technical Parameters:

Model Number GS/Z-4000
Track Space 4000mm
Track Length 15000mm
Efficient Length 13000mm
Cutting Width 80-3000mm
Cutting Speed 50-1000mm/min (adjustable)
Cutting Thickness  6-100mm
Longitudinal Cutting Torch 9 groups
Traverse Cutting Torch 2 groups
Lift of Cutting Torch ≤150mm
Repeating Accuracy    _+0.5mm
Gas for Cutting   oxygen or propane
Total Power 1.5KW
Power Source AC220V 50HZ
Overall Dimensions  4500×2000×2500 (L×W×H)

By absorbing merits of similar CNC cutting machine and using new technology from abroad and China domestic, Shanghai Salei is the professional producer to develop and manufacture the family CNC cutting machine products as well as H beam (heavy steel) welding production line, as well as box-beam automatic welding production line, T-beam welding production line, bridge-face U-stiffer welding production line, and steel structure cold roll forming production line. With years development, Salei CNC cutting machine have been spread over Saudi Arabia, Russia, Middle Asian, Southeast Asian, Australia, Europe, South American, North American, etc. Look forward to establishing mutually beneficial cooperation.

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